Decipher regulatory circuits of cancer

Through multi-omic data integration.

We conduct research in three major areas:


AI/ML Methods


Tumor Ecosystem


Personalized Medicine


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The Spatial Landscape of Progression and Immunoediting in Primary Melanoma at Single-Cell Resolution

Cancer Discovery

MCMICRO- A scalable, modular image-processing pipeline for multiplexed tissue imaging

Nature Methods

Immune cell gene signatures for profiling the microenvironment of solid tumors

Cancer Immunol Res.

Derivation of marker gene signatures from human skin and their use in the interpretation transcriptional changes associated with dermatological disorders

J Pathol.

Durable engraftment of genetically modified FVIII-secreting autologous bone marrow stromal cells in the intramedullary microenvironment

J Cell Mol Med.

The Human Tumor Atlas Network- charting tumor transitions across space and time at single-cell resolution


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18 April, 2023

Congragulations to Giorgio on the new Cancer cell manucript.

27 March, 2023

We are Hiring! Check out Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Computational Biology with a focus on Spatial Omics.

5 March, 2023

Added Tools page to the website. Checkout the Navbar!

1 March, 2023

Nirmal Lab officially opens

1 April, 2022

The Spatial Landscape of Progression and Immunoediting in Primary Melanoma at Single-Cell Resolution is published in Cancer Discovery

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At the Nirmal Lab, we prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion as crucial components that are integral to achieving the highest quality of science.

Our strive to create a supportive and diverse laboratory environment that fosters a sense of inclusivity, inspires creativity, and promotes collaboration. We strongly encourage applications from individuals who belong to historically marginalized and underrepresented groups in the scientific community as determined by NIH to join our group.
If you are interested in applying for a post-doctoral position, research assistantship, research associate role, or summer internship, or if you’re an undergraduate student looking to get involved with our lab, please reach out to Dr. Ajit Johnson Nirmal directly via email at nirmallab [at] For prospective graduate students, we ask that you apply through Harvard’s graduate programs. Please check our vacancy page for the latest information.

Dr. Ajit Johnson Nirmal

Principal Investigator,
Department of Dermatology,
Brigham and Women’s Hospital,
Harvard Medical School

Director of Next Generation Tissue Analysis and Imaging Core

Recepient of NCI Early K99/R00 Award for Outstanding Early Stage Researchers

Other Affliations:
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard