Lab News

18 April, 2023 Congragulations to Giorgio on the new Cancer cell manucript.

27 March, 2023 We are Hiring! Check out Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Computational Biology with a focus on Spatial Omics.

5 March, 2023 Added Tools page to the website. Checkout the Navbar!

1 March, 2023 Nirmal Lab officially opens

1 April, 2022 The Spatial Landscape of Progression and Immunoediting in Primary Melanoma at Single-Cell Resolution is published in Cancer Discovery

31 March, 2022 Congratulations to Wenchao for his publication on Overcoming IMiD resistance in T-cell lymphomas through potent degradation of ZFP91 and IKZF1 in Blood

1 January, 2022 Happy New Year

25 November, 2021 MCMICRO: a scalable, modular image-processing pipeline for multiplexed tissue imaging published in Nature Methods