A simple python package to conver bib files to yaml format.

Published on: 2023-03-01

BIB2YAML is a lightweight Python package that provides an easy and efficient way to convert BibTeX (.bib) files to YAML (.yaml) format. It is designed to handle various types of bibliographic data and generate a clean and readable output. The package is open-source and can be installed via pip, making it accessible to anyone who needs to work with bibliographic data.

Install Package:

pip install bib2yaml

Run Function:

    # path to the bib file
    bib = '/Users/aj/Downloads/ref.bib'

    # path to the output directory
    outputDir = '/Users/aj/Downloads/'
    # Run the function
    bib2yaml (bib, outputDir, fileName='ref')
    # commandline
    python bib2yaml.py --bib /Users/aj/Downloads/ref.bib --outputDir /Users/aj/Downloads/